Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Total Recall, starring:  you name it, Collin Ferrel, Kate beckingsill, ethan Hawk, Jessica Beal, and the Chinese guy from white castle!!!


I can’t stop thinking about marsh mellow sauce L


LOL, the tide will roll into mizzou once every 12 years!


Will we….

Will we someday have streets named “W” in honor of the 43rd prez?  Much like we have a “Quincy” Street.  It’s precedential.


What if….

We all know how “gate” has new meaning.  Stare-gate for example, which we all know as the time I caught Jeff creepily staring at me through my bedroom window as I awoke from slumber.  What if Watergate was called Waterfont, or Watergables?  Or better yet, what if the scandal of the millennium, had just been referred to as “the scandal” or “the presidential investigation”?


Is Aussie pronounced Auzzie?  Stupid 3rd world countries, It’s not spring time, dummies!!!

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