Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Albino Marlin

Why the shorts?

Oh Snap.  I just realized it’s Pi-Month!  We’ve wasted so much time already.

#CountdownTo2012 #Morpheus is here

Did K-State get a bad seed? They’ve beaten 7 teams this year that have a better seed than them. #Emaw

Did K-state get a stacked bracket? Some say it’s the hardest regional bracket of all time. #Emaw

#FlappyBird back not soon!!!

#IHadADream I was at my parent’s house on a Saturday afternoon, helping with some routine maintenance.  We had a party to go to, later in the night, so I wanted to shower, but I didn’t want to go all the way “up north” to my house.  But my parents shower was broken, so I asked Mrs. O’Donovan (R.I.P.) if I could shower at her house.  She said yes, but I fell asleep at her house in the guest bedroom.  I missed the party.

*** I agree with Cin.
*** The Goonies ARE good enough.

*** Except Brolin’s shorts.


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