Wednesday, January 23, 2013



Flashback to 1989:  Remember when Ben would always refer to Dr. Seaver’s patients as “mental patients”.


Oops, the record skipped (milly vanillly style) for Beyonce`


Happy B-day TAT (I’ll always love you)


Brady Dirty?  No way!


90’s What the Fun(WTF)movie idea:  Did Tim Robbins really star in a romantic comedy with Einstein as a central character?


Cow:  I’m not saying Callahan sabatoged the super bowl, I’m just saying that he hated the organization that he coached, and he tried to make his friend (coach of the other team) win the game. -Lub


Footlong Fiasco


Happy B-day RDA (I’ll always love you)


All Cappernick can do is run (21 yards in fake loss (win) to the Jake Ryan (Jake Ryan!?! (John Hughes))). 

Not to be confused with Jack Ryan (Hunt for Red October/2012 Vice Presidential Nominee). 


Countdown to 2012: Nasa sends picture of mona lisa smile to moon with laser beams


Sunflower Beat-down:  That was the most lop sided exhibit in the long history of this rivalry.  Domination from start to finish.  Outcome never in doubt.  It was a multiple point defeat.

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