Wednesday, January 22, 2014


10 Chiefs in the pro-bowl, most in world history.  (Although with the new schedule that keeps superbowl participants out of the probowl makes it easier than ever to get in). #RedHumpday

I wasn’t scared for Erin Andrews, I was scared for myself.  I flinched, thinking #Sherman was going to jump at me, through the screen into my living room. 

Amazon invents new space-time continuum technology that ships your items before you order.  #NotJoking

I don’t get it.   There’s a rock on mars, #BigDeal

#IHadADream I woke in the dark to movements in the room.  I was sleeping alone, Lara was working the overnight shift at the hospital.  The two beings moved about the room, finally coming to rest on the right side of the bed.  Scared at first, I quickly identified them as two of my children, but the relief was bittersweet as I sensed another presence on my other side, my left side.  Logically, one would conclude that it was my third child, but still I feared/sensed something darker, blacker.  Then, just as the two boys to my right began grabbing for me, I felt a fierce grip on my left arm, a man’s grip.  Then he yanked me out of bed, yanking me awake to the heart pounding darkness and silence of the empty room.  I lied shivering, cold and alone in the empty darkness, waiting to fall back to sleep, praying to fall back asleep.  Praying.  Praying this time it would be a better dream, a better reality.

** A great poet said,
** It’s Do or do not, no try.

** Believe and achieve.


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