Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Piled High and Deep

I really don’t need to say anything else. #JackIsBack

If you run the Rubric for taco villa vs. taco casa, villa wins in a landslide every time, but to a man if you ask one questions “Which is better?”, the answer is always Taco Casa (myself included?)  #ItFactor

The best snowboarder of all time just pulled out of an event because the Russians built it too scary and dangerous. #Sochi

Did I mention #JackIsBack ?

#CountdownTo2012 North Start gets Brighter!

Lucky 13 inches of snow, before drifts, but at least it will be -8 tomorrow. (that’s minus with an M)

I think Phil Simms got drunk from just standing next to Joe Namath.  #BigGame

What if the purple light saber meant something else.  What if he was classically trained in both Jedi/Sith.  I’m watching you Mace.

#CountdownTo2012  Oceanic Crop Circles

#IHadADream I worked in a warehouse filled to the ceiling with water, where I was a remarkably good swimmer.  For us newbies whom hadn’t adapted yet, we could breathe pockets of air trapped in the light fixtures.

** Honor the fallen.
** They protect us and serve us.
** Thank a cop today.


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