Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This is really a new law


New York bans pop.  Don’t freak out, they only banned pop that is larger than 16 ounces.  I think they tried to ban salt in food a couple years ago, and everyone was like “wait….did, did, did…did you say…..salt?”


The third trailer for Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter  just came out.  Honest Abe was a tough emineffer.


In New Jersey, it’s click-it or ticket….for Fido.


Venus crossed the face of the sun yesterday.  Next time it happens will be 105 years.


Countdown to 2012:  I went by the ammunition section at Walmart the other day and they were sold out!  So, that either means Walmart does not know how to run a business and manage inventory, OR naked-zombie-cannibal-apocalypse.


Avengers just passed Batman, Part 2, and is now the third highest grossing film ever (behind a couple James Cameran movies…the hack).


WoW:  Markedly – LUB


T-dub:  Now winningest ever


Have you heard about the latest legal drama/comedy from Hollywood?  Kevin Costner and Stephen Baldwin are wrapped up in a zany lawsuit and from there the hijinks ensue.  (note:  real life)


I just saw “Man on a Ledge” with Ed Burns.  It re-kindled my old 90’s man-crush….  I’m kidding


Anderson Cooper just had a birthday this week…00’s crush man-crush……..kidding…..sorta

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