Wednesday, May 30, 2012



They caught the killer of the world’s first Milk-Carton-Kid!


Countdown to 2012:  Simian Foamy Virus is the next HIV, no big dilly


Speaking of ABCs, do you remember that group “Another Bad Creation”?  I heard the song “playground” on the 90’s channel coming into work today.  Weren’t they a bunch of kids, or am I thinking of Criss-Cross?


You’re wondering what is 4k?  It’s got 8.8 million pixels, that’s like a 9 megapixel photo for each frame!  1080p is about 2 million pixels.  The 4K stands for roughly 4000 pixels wide, whereas 1080 means 1080 pixels tall.  They think that future technology might allow a 4k movie to fit onto a blu-ray disc, but good luck streaming it from Netflix without google fiber (requires 20 Mbps).  I guess that new 60” LED that you just bought is basically a paperweight.  HAHAHA


Avengers:  Fastest to 500 Mills


MIBIII:   <<<Insert Ren & Stimpy Foghorn Sound>>>


Last month was the 20 year anniversary of the Rodney King Riots (remember the sublime song?)  It made me think of the Doogie Howzer, M.D. episode with The smurfs Neil Patrick Harris.  He was treating dozens of people in the hospital who had gotten hurt in the riots, and one guy was carrying a brand new ghetto-blaster (stolen of course), well anyway, if I remember correctly, Doogie had a talk with him and turned his life around.


Word of the Week (WOW):  Rustication – Look it Up, Bitch (LUB) Pardon my French


I think Robert Zimekus has made two movies in his whole career that were better than terrible.  It just so happens that they were maybe two of the best movies of all time.


A lawyer, a dentist, and a naked-cannibal walk into a bar……..too soon?

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