Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 Oldie but a goodie

When the Mayor was asked about the jokes he told at the expense of Native Americans, prostitutes, and handicapped, he replied “Lighten up!”.


Did you hear about the guy with the tooth ache, who went to his ex-girlfriend the dentist?  She promptly removed all his teeth.


K-State extended the streak of 19 straight NFL drafts with at least one player selected.


Is it just me, or is every underwater scene in a movie unrealistic.  I just watched MI4, and there is a scene where Ethan Hunt is in a car at night, under 20 feet of turbid river water, and he can see well enough to dodge bullets and arrange an elaborate escape.  Now I spent enough time at Blaisdale pool as a child to know that on a clear blue day at noon, I can’t tell if the person 6” from my face is a Wendy or a Wendal.


National Pub:  Jay Leno showed a clip from the Mayor’s speech.


I had a dream that I traveled back in time to 1986 and I met Richard Dean Anderson on the set.  He was typing on a laptop and complaining because the studio was making him submit scripts electronically.  He used air-quotes and said that the studio was embracing “New Media”.  I complimented the studio for being so forward thinking.  RDA then complimented me for being so astute.

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