Wednesday, April 25, 2012



Hoopla-Follow-up:  Kate Hudson was 32 last week when Jennifer Garner turned 40.


Got Gronk?  K-State does!!!


Did you hear the tasteful and appropriate jokes that the Mayor made during his State-of-the-City Speech?  He made a joke about an “Indian girl” who when dancing on a date with a certain county commissioner and made it rain.  A hooker joke about the same county commissioner’s prom date.  A fun poke at Dyslexics:  D.A.M.  Mother’s Against Dyslexia.  And finally a good old fashioned Irish Joke, because well, why not.


Did you hear about the Chinese company that now makes a line of Helen Keller Sunglasses?  I guess they were tired of the Mayor hogging all of the headlines.


The Saints have been using hidden microphones to spy on visiting teams’ coaches…for 3 years!


New Zealand Government is considering raising the price of cigarettes to $100 a pack, in order to phase out all smoking by 2025.


Give me Kirk Cousins in the 2nd.    


The Lakers left “the land of 10,000 lakes” for the palm trees and botox, so why not the Vikes?


iPhone-5 will have a case made out of “Liquid Metal”.  It’s a new space-age material that is 20 times stronger than the current case.  Has anyone padded their portfolio with “Sky-Net” stock yet?  Don’t wait until it’s too late, LOL.    I love end of the world jokes about death and destruction.

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