Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 That's a dog

I was walking past the 3 Lb. Chocolate Bunny at Walgreens and I remembered when each of the Seaver kids got $5,000 from the grandparents.  Mike Bought a car.  Carol put it in savings.  And Ben went on a shopping spree with 25 of his closest friends.  I think him and his posse was walking down the street; him with a brand new members-only jacket and someone behind him carrying a 5 foot tall chocolate Easter Bunny.


Holy Cow, Jennifer Garner is 40.  (That’s not a miss-print, that is in fact Jennifer and not James)


The 100th anniversary of the mythical Titanic crash has caused quite a twitter stir, leaving may youths inquiring as to whether the work of fiction was an actual historical event.   I suppose the terminator was real too.  Dummies.


We did it….we traded in the lemon for a Toyota.   And as long as a Stewart walks this planet, no family of mine will ever be stepping foot in John Hoffer Chrysler, or any other Chrysler dealer.   Let em Fail!!!


I just watched “Driving Miss Daisy”.  Pretty good movie, but I was hoping for more controversy from a Jessica Tandy shocker film.  It did not quite have the level of surprise ending as “Fried Green Tomatoes”, when Tandy’s character murders the bad guy, boils him, barbeques him, and finally serves him  to the detective who is investigating the horrific murder.


How about this Kansas weather?  You know you’re from Kansas if……One week you are applying Vaseline man lotion to your bloody, cracked, chapped hands, then only one week later, the humidity has you at Walgreens at 3:00 AM buying economy sized jumbo tube of Tinactin Jock-itch cream.  (note:  most years it’s June before I have to make that trip)


Did you hear that UCLA accidently sent acceptance letters to almost 1000 high school seniors on the waiting list?  Oops, sorry kids, get better SAT scores next time.


I just realized that the next Friday the 13th movie will be part 13!!!


Monster Squad turns 25.  I recently re-watched this (with the kids) and there is no way this movie would be in theaters in 2012 without an NC-17 rating.

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