Wednesday, June 13, 2012


 Once again . . . not fake

WoW:  Hark - LUB


Countdown to 2012:  Need a jogger companion?  Go drone with “Joggobot”.


“Premium Rush” looks like it’s going to easily be in the all-time top-2 list of bicycle-messenger movies, second only to Kevin Bacon’s “Quicksilver”.


mmmmmm….Bacon Sunday at BK……


Remember Clint Eastwood and that movie about “The Rock”?  (not to be confused with “The Rock”).  The only three men to ever potentially escape, will have the warrants for their arrest expire on their 100th birthdays.  Luck-eeeeeeee


It’s final:  Coroner finds that a dingo did eat her baby.


Mr. K, owned at the K.  (Mr. Z to the layman)


San Fran is going Collin Ferral and Tom Cruise…...Pre-Crime

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