Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Is this 1992


Top 10!  We’d be undefeated if Frank didn’t get fired.


Horse:  the other other other white meat.  Think outside the bun


Who’s Phil A. Buster?


First MacGyver had anthrax, then an EMP, now I just watched a 1991 episode with “Black helicopters” (Stealth helicopter that emits sound cancelling black noise to silence the rotors).  Cutting edge topic for 2013.


First New York banned salt, then pop, now they are considering music on your ear buds. 


The dad from October Sky is the Green Goblin.


New Iron Man ||| trailer is out today!  I can’t wait.


This just in:  Rodman still weird


Did you hear about that woman who just died from complications due to a gunshot wound from 1982?  Now that she’s dead, they are going for a murder conviction.


Commissioner Gordon signs on for new “planet” movie.  (Not to be confused with Joseph Gorgeous Levitt)


If KU stumbles against Bayler and K-State wins outright, then MacGruber is a lock for POY


Flacco Deniro (Italian for Flacco dollar menu)


I Heart NY of the Week (HOW):   In a controversial decision, Amazon decided to stop selling the “Stay Calm and Rape A lot” tee shirt.  They are also considering pulling the “Stay Calm and Knife Her” tee. 


Got Sin?  Nevada is considering 85 MPH speed limit.


“28 Weeks Later” stars Jeremy Renner?!?!!  Count me in!  (Do you think a guy like him and guy like me could ever………)


McGruber is winningest cat ever.




I never thought Nine Inch Nails and Carly Ray Jetson would sound so good together.

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