Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 Your finger

Flashback to 1987:  Markie Post 

Got eyeballs?   You sure?


When did Billy Donavin (Eddie) turn old?


Easter of the Week (Ow):  Easter can be as early as March 22.  The last time Easter fell on 3-22 was 1818 (same year as the war of 1812), and the next time will be sometime in the late 23rd century.


Break a leg Wheat Shockers


LEGO pulls controversial Jaba’s Palace


Sports teams from KU never win inside a football stadium.


T.O. is just trying to feed his family some clam chowder


Why does Kim Jung ||| Jr. have a different last name than Kim Jung ||| the first.


Who’s gonna replace Jimmy?


Cart paths?  Bubba aint got time for that.

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