Wednesday, April 17, 2013

13.16 - Two if by Sea


Prayers go out to Boston

I almost converted my 401k to Bitcoins, but I stopped at the last minute.  Anyone else thinking mark of the beast?

I watched the Desendents.  Incredible performance by the actress who played the daughter.  You go Mary Jane!

Holy epic trailer Batman!  Man of Steel trailer, version #3 just hit the streets.  I’m ready to start camping out for tix right now.

White men can’t jump in expendables 3

Tiger hit, maybe the best shot of his life…and he lost four strokes for it.  (He should have won).  Tiger!!!

RIP:  Pat Summerall.   Oh how many hours did I spend perfecting my Tony Gonzo Z-out pattern for firsts downs with Pat as my background music.

Have you seen the trailer for Hunger Games:  Part 2?  It’s got Philip Seymore Hotstuff

Iron Man:  Part 3 in 4DX

Turbo Tax website crashed on April 14.

Times Square has the ball drop, The French Quarter has Marty Graw, now Colorado is expecting a big tourist draw for 420. 

Let the conspiracy theories begin.

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