Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pickoff Obstruction

Happy Anniversary.  Thanks to everyone whom has been following me on humpday for two years now.  Well now you can follow me on Humpday.  

8 down, 11 to go #NoChampagneHumpday

Haiku of the Week (Uow):  Ripley’s Credo:  If I’ve said it once – I’ve said it a thousand times – Don’t wake the larva.  #UowHumpday

White box spy tool #SpowHumpday #LubHumpday

One of our QB’s went 8 for 8 with a TD, ran like the wind, pumped up the crowd, and was a leader of men . . . the other looked like Joe Freakin Nameth

Google Barge #SpowHumpday #LubHumpday

I heard someone say that the Rick Patina will take 50 years to form on the new dome L

Who’s that Obamacare girl?

Obamacare girl removed #SpowHumpday

Let’s do this #NoChampagneHumpday

Every Humpday is a RED Humpday #NoChampagneHumpday #RedHumpday

Every time I hear a Counting crows song, it always takes me back to my youth… playing NHL ’94 on the PC with my gravis grip gamepad while enjoying swiss cake rolls and Vitamit D Milk. #FlashbackTo1994 


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