Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dos Boot

Who has two thumbs and still buys CDs


Got Sporting Patriotism

Countdown to 2012: Potmato

Miami no hitter on last game.  This is the springboard they need for their sweep of the cubbies in the ’15 series (sweep in 5)

Jurassic World:  Need I say more

Let’s put some money on the cubbies.

NBA Jam was rigged.  The head programmer was a bad boys fan, so he made Chicago miss shots during critical game situations.  I think it’s cool, who really wants to play as scotty and Ho Grant?

AJO someone

Countdown to 2012: iPosture

2013 Chiefs D = 10.2 points/game.  The best defense of all time (2000 Ravens) = 10.3 points/game

Flashback to 1989:  “Tape World” in West Ridge Mall

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