Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Uhh-ohh! Guess what day it is. Guess what day - it - is

How:  #nochampagne

We may need to add one more line to “We Didn’t Start the Fire”:  Tony G. Back again

Rip: Pink Flags Dead 2013-10-07

Countdown to 2012:  Hanukkah/Thanksgiving ‘13

Countdown to 2012:  Olympic Torch blows out  (re-lit with Bic)

Siri talks

Countdown to 2012:  Giant Asian Hornet

Snow White’s Magic Crotch -Lub

Did you hear about the blind guy who had one of his eyes replaced with a  tooth?  (Yes you read that correctly)

Sorry Tom, no Jolten Joe Dimmagio of football for you   #nochampagne

I’ve logged hundreds of hours of Lorde in the last two days alone.  I’m going for the record.  When will I stop?  Like the quote from “Up In The Air” . . . I’ve got a number in mind.

I’m so mad that they released the Friday the 13th blue ray box set with the first 12 movies only.  They know D well that they are going to make at 13th . . . we’ve been saying it since the 3rd grade lunchroom.

Flashback to 1995:  “Great googily mooogily”

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