Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Wow:  mete – Lub


Sorry, I don’t have as many news stories to comment on this week.  I have been going “media silent” as to not get Olympic spoiler updates.  Although Jason finds a way to spoil most of the outcomes for me anyway.  Thanks Jason, what a good friend.


IRS considers value of Olympic gold medal as income, taxes Olympians.


Hey Jason:  tonight I’m going to watch “Planet of the Apes”, “Sixth Sense”, and “Psycho”, maybe you can tell me the ending, before I watch it.


We all heard the story that Lockte pees in the pool during races, but my question is about that urban legend where the water turns color when you pee in the pool.  That’s got to be made-up, right?


2-time NCAA National Champ (soon to be 3-time) from K-State took the silver in high-jump.


I found 5th Avenue.  (It’s at the corner of 17th & Washburn)

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