Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Only 67 Cents!

I’ve watched the trailer for #Interstellar ten times since we last met.  Each time I learn something new, and fall deeper into obsession.

When your addicted, it makes it taste so much better.

Wow, I’m finally watching #SarahConnorChronicles .  Season 2 off the hook!  The plot is as deep at trying to watch a season of #TwentyFour, guest written by the #WachowskiSiblings while inside the 3rd level of an #inception dream.

Who knew #BrianAustinGreen was actually a really good actor.  #SarahConnorChronicles

Another snoozer of a #USopen Golf needs #Tiger.

#Expendables3 Trailor. #OhSnap

I haven’t stepped in dog poop in years.  When I was a kid I used to step in dog poop on the daily.  Conclusion:  If you aint stepping in dog poop, you aint living.

#KnoxHamilton buy stock now

#IHadADream Jim M. and I played a game on the tennis court that was like tennis but is played on wax paper with an Alien.  Leedog took in a stray dog.  I joined the football team at K-State but I kept getting into trouble for playing on the roof of the Vanier Complex.  Bill hates that.

*** White Castle Surprise,
*** How I met your mother’s best, . . .
*** Why we love Doogie? 


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