Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Santa Maria

Warning Pistachios contains Pistachios

Did you see the trailer for the show #Constantine ?  I won’t sleep for weeks

Yuck! Unlike #ChristinaApplegate , this movie does not age well.

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane…. I guess we won’t win two national championships in a row now, we’ll just have to settle on one #FirstWorldProblems


I can’t wait to go ape… #ceasar

It’s like the 1985 movie “2010” all over again.  You know because of the cold war, in 2010 Russia and USA have totally separate space programs.

#FlashbackTo1988 #MadBalls

#interstellar trailer is out…it shows less plot than the teaser #phoghorn

#IHadADream I went to compete in the Olympics.  My apartment/hotel room had a little creek running just outside the sliding glass patio door.  Drowned in the creek was a dead wolf.  Four coyotes were using another dead wolf as a raft, floating above and protecting their prize catch, the other dead wolf.  Then two baboons showed up to fight the four coyotes for the submerged wolf.  Finally the animals left the area with all the commotion of the Olympics.  So I dragged the dead floating wolf into the apartment.  Then it came back to life, terrorizing everyone inside.  Run!

“The hot (pilot) seat”
*** I’ll go anywhere.
*** Give me a phaser and a com.
*** one rue, no red shirt.


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