Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Addition Edition 5.0

Hello #5

They made two of these things? #5

#JackIsBack  I’ve never been so excited for a 24 season

Me and Jason saw this on the shelf and both stopped in our tracks #ChanningTatum

#JackIsBack I’m going to wait to watch on home video

An American wins the Boston Marathon!  Don’t forget that the Patriots won the superbowl a few months after 911 #NoConspiracy

The best part about the hospital….This is across the street

Is it just me or does #GeneHackman ruin #Unforgiven ? I just can’t take it seriously.


I give #WaffleTaco an A+, Breakfast Burrito gets an A- and crunchwrap gets a C+.

Is it just me or does #GeneHackman make #Hoosiers ?

Scottland might actually win freedom. No thanks to #Braveheart

Just watch T2 again.  LOL casualties = 0.0

Five of us decided it was time to go to Texas and fight.  Fight for what?  I don’t remember.  We were also fugitives for some reason, so we had to drive instead of fly.  We decided to ride in Steve Sandburg’s Delorean so we could go unnoticed.  Leedog brought a bunch of real AK-47’s with orange plastic tips on the end of the barrel (clever).  We were to rendezvous at the airport, so while waiting for the Delorean, I peed in the back of a cab, but when the driver got mad, I told him I had thought the seat was tilted back and I had meant to pee on the floor.

*** Why “B” before “A”?
*** Why blow in Zelda cartridge?
*** Don’t ask.  Just accept.


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