Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Guess Who Else was 33 in Time for Easter Leedog

Fort Hood Prayers

Mudslide Prayers

Maybe is spelled with a capital M.

#CountdownTo2012 White Monolith

Did you see the trailer for #TheDrop ?  #TomHardy is officially the best actor of all time.

#CountdownTo2012 Mars Earth Sun align

This is from a 1997 episode!

Rip #peaches #LubHumpday #LubCreepyHand

#IHadADream I had spring break off, so I went back to work at the movie theater.  The new manager was the former City Engineer of Lawrence.  They wouldn’t post the work schedule on the wall in the back room, citing privacy rights.  So I spent the first hour of my shift wandering the halls, wondering what I was supposed to do, and hoping that none of the movies needed to be started by me already.  For some reason I carried a concrete block around with me.  It was about the size of Han Solo frozen in carbonite.  It was surprisingly light.  Or I was expectedly strong.  Kiss the guns.

*** Surprises are fun.
*** But no twist was as big as,
*** Samus’s two-piece.


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