Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Higher res than the original 

Still 7&7


Die Hard of the Week:  “I guess we’re gonna need some more FBI guys.”


Tim Time?


The critics are saying, “if you thought Inception was too dumbed-down, then you’ll love Looper.”


It’s now been about 10 months since the Chiefs have led during a game.


Countdown to 2012:  Scientists clone a cow that makes hypoallergenic milk.  The cow is perfectly fine, except for being born without a tail!  The scientists say that being born without a tail is a common abnormality associated with the cloning process and is inconsequential.  So Drink up.


The Hillbilly Human Genome Smith delivers super eight.


I watched Avengers again (this time on home-video) and it was no better than I remembered.


Did you hear about the guy who caught a fish and found a human finger inside of it?  Turned out that it belonged to a dude who lost some fingers in a routine wake-board accident months earlier.  When the department of fish and wildlife called him up to tell him the good news, the conversation went like this:  “Hello Mr. Smith, this is the department of wildlife”  and his reply  “let me guess, you found my finger in a fish?”


One to go for cool brees


Tundra Endeavor:  Tundra tows Endeavor


Man Crush Alert:  Joseph Gorden Levvit


West Virginia sucks.  That QB threw 5 incompletions on Saturday.


Avengers might be in my top 5 favorite movies of all time, certainly top 10.

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