Wednesday, October 17, 2012



3 for 7



Wow:  Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia – Lub

K-State beats two ranked teams on the road for second time ever.  (See Humpday Hoopla Vol. 98.44)


What the hell is Circus O’lay?


10-11-12 marked 50 year anniversary of Vatican II.


Shawnee County lets you “opt. out” of the $4/month recycling program.  You only have to pay a modest opt out fee of 4$/month.


Bomb-Gardner goes supersonic.


The Bumble Bee “Tuna Tragedy of 2012” reminds me of Barth, “What do you think’s in the burgers.”  Those kids kept going back, and they would fall for it every time.


Akeeb 2:  Still Smoking


Bowling ball sized squid eyeball washes ashore in Aspen, the Sunshine State.


The best part about going to Menards: Unlike Worlds of Fun or Disney World, you can go back the next day.


K-State Victories over Hiesman champs (in same year):

1998:  Ricky “munchies” Williams

2002:  Carson “rosie” Palmer

2003:  Jason “where am I?” White

2011:  RG|||

2012:  The Human Genome Smith

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