Wednesday, October 24, 2012


That's my finger

That's my hand


Two computer rankings have Kstate #1 in the nation.  One computer ranking has Alabama #1.


7 for 7


4 for 7




The chiefs bye week really screwed up my fantasy team.  hahahahahahaha


Iron Man iii trailer:  Nuff Said


Even in Metropolis, print is dead.


Wow:  sordid – Lub


Aurther Brown catches first interception of the year by eventual Heisman trophy winner for second consecutive year.


German PSA:  Be slightly skeptical about buying breast milk on the internet from strangers for your newborn baby.


Vegas odds for the Troph:  2:3


Hanx drops F-bom.  (I told you this was coming; new Wachowski siblings movie)


Tact:  Madonna pretends to shoot machine guns at Colorado audience.


Countdown to 2012:  Some guy went 12-monkeys and infected bank tellers by depositing contaminated money wrapped in a paper towel.


96 is the new 40.


University of North Carolina bans the word “Freshman” because it’s not “gender inclusive”.


Red Cheetoes = Red “you know what”.  Now we have two colors of Cheetoes punchlines.


I’m all in:  Carrie’s Mad.  Max is Super.  Clark is Lone. The Ranger is Dreddful.  Judge Evil.  Robo’s dead.  Copout remakes.


49 for 9


K-State beats three ranked teams on the road for first time ever.  (See Humpday Hoopla Vol. 98.44 and 12.41)


Wickerman 2:  Big Tex (cliché electrical fire in the neck, I’ve seen it 1000 times)


Tight-rope the Grand Canyon without a net?  Pack a lunch, that’s a half mile walk.


Klein sucks:  on average, he has thrown one incompletion per half in each of the last one games.  Quit throwing it into the dirt!!!


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