Wednesday, September 26, 2012



Lucky #7 and Lucky #7


Wow:  parousia - Lub


Countdown to 2032:  California legalizes “Demolition Man” style self-driving cars


Countdown to 1932:  Florida public schools introduce paddling


Countdown to 2012:  You have heard of “death by firing squad”?  China deploys “death by steamroller” (ala austin powers)


Die Hard of the Week:  “O.M.Gosh, the quarterback is toast”


The Chiefs are getting ready to play in their 4th game of the year, and so far, all season, they have never led in game with time on the clock…..and they are playing for first place this weekend.


ESPN:  Cline is a lock for the troph, if the cats go 12-0.


They are having some sewer problems in Zim-bob-way, so the government is having everybody flush their toilets at the same time.  It’s a synchronized flush at 7:30 pm on the spot.


It’s political:  Presidential candidates are even adding their two cents on the NFL refs


Did you realized that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Douglas (its hyphenated) shared a birthday yesterday.  There is only 1/40th of a millennium in age difference.

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