Wednesday, September 5, 2012

12.35, Opening Day/Abridged Holidy




I just watch the “D” trilogy with the kids over the weekend.  What an epic saga:  In the first movie they play against the 20-time defending state champs, the Hawks (draped in all black), then they up the ante in part 2 by fighting for American freedom against evil communist Iceland in the world championships! Finally, they don’t hold anything back for the third movie where the thrilling climax is an epic high school scrimmage against their own team.  I hope they make a D4 that ends with a 2:00 A.M. Sega Genesis showdown in the college dorms.


Billy Galispi is the new mike leach/ mark mangino, in that he is now in trouble for being mean to his players.  The latest that I heard was that he made them shave and get haircuts.


Wow:  Stalomg – The psueduo-word that one inadvertently types when one’s intent is to type “Staking” but one’s hand slides to the right of the home-keys by one key.


Speaking of Quorty trivia, “Stewardesses” and “stewarts” can both be typed with one hand.  Yes!!!  (Note:  Quarty is pronounced qwerty)

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