Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Doctor's Stethoscope

No caption necessary.


I know Wrath of Khan is widely regarded as the best (and it probably is), but for whatever reason, whenever I sit down roll on some Undiscovered Country, I always find it so gosh darn enjoyable.

I sometimes sit and wonder if #OffRoad is the best game of all time.

#WatchMojo didn’t even have #2001 as an honorable mention for best movie of all time #WTFMate

#WashingtonDC was great. I ate at #Popeyes three times! Oh, and I saw some other stuff

These were the best I could do, prior to the eclipse, holding my iPhone up to my binoculars. #Supermoon #SuperBloodMoon #CountdownTo2012

M-O-O-N that spells eclipse

Haha Cholesterol Control Act #QuantumLeap

Taught the kids some #DoubleDragon

Anyone want to go halvsies?

This one’s for you Adam

#TeeOfTheWeek This one’s for you Leedog

#CountdownTo2012 #SuperHenge #Lub

#CountdownTo2012 #HauntedSwing #Lub

#CountdownTo2012 #BritishMeteorologist #Lub 


#IHadADream I was a major mob boss (think Tony Soprano). The FBI made a surprise appearance at my house to search the joint (they do this all the time). I smugly said, “feel free to look around all you want” as I pretended to not be interested and I sat on the couch reading the paper (do they still make “papers”?). Anyway, I always kept the place “clean”. They truly were never going to find anything, except . . . for the sledgehammer that I would always keep in plain sight, leaning against the wall, just daring them to examine (but they never did). The head of the sledge hammer was crimson in color, due to the dried blood that I intentionally don’t clean off.

#HaikuByStu #TheMartian #MartianMovie
*** Martian tomorrow
*** Can’t wait for this sick epic
*** Inner nerd crying

#FirstWorldProblems #FWP

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