Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Public Stewdity

#JadeGarden now accepts #Bitcoin

Finally saw #GoneWithTheWind . . . don’t know why they say THAT was the best movie ever? #CitizenKane and #WizardOfOz were each ten times better


#FlashbackTo1889 I knew #BoJackson was good at baseball. The dude defied gravity and ran along a wall in one of the most memorable defensive plays of all time, not to mention he had been rookie of the year. He wasn’t too shabby with the stick, 30+ homers and 100+ ribs in a season. Four consecutive homeruns in four consecutive at-bats. All-Star game MVP . . . the list goes on and on.  I remember once asking my dad if Bo was as good at football as he was at baseball and my dad simply said “He’s better”.

Remember that TV wrist watch from the Dragnet movie?  Circa “too long ago for that kind of technology to actually exist but it did”

McDonalds employees won’t go outside before 5:00 AM to change their drive-thru menu from dinner to breakfast items because it’s “not safe for someone to be outside in this neighborhood before 5:00 AM” They tell me this while I’m outside before 5:00 AM

#JosephGorgeousLevitt was on an eppy of #QuantumLeap. Pretty sure this was pre-Angels

Me and boys have been playing #SuperMarioBros3 nonstop for weeks. I’m convinced, now more than ever, that it was truly the best #NES game . . . maybe (you can’t make me fully commit to something like that)

#JasonDay breaks Tiger’s record at Whistler’s Mother

#IHadADream it was zombie apocalypse. Everyone from the neighborhood came to my house to bunker down for a last stand. I sent my Jonah, My 8-year-old son, to the store in the pickup truck by himslef. I think we needed Doritos.

*** Bo said “Just Do It”
*** Hulk Hogan said “Just Say No”
*** Stew said “I’m confused”

#FirstWorldProblems #FWP
Jason's Office mini-fridge is slightly too cold. Sometimes my Diet Cokes have a little bit of slush in them.

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