Wednesday, July 8, 2015


#Amazon to the rescue. #QuantumLeap

I almost accidentally bought this on #Amazon . . . for obvious reasons

Wait, I’ve seen this guy before. #Overboard

Speaking of . . .

I’m ready to coin this as the “Russell Carpenter Trilogy” not to be confused with the man whose is actually #RussellCarpenter . . . that’s unfortunate

Speaking of Carpenter, #Watchmojo rightly has #Halloween as the No. 2 #JohnCarpenter movie of all time. #TheThing


#FanTheory of the Week: Raptor trainer, #ChrisPratt is the grownup “That doesn’t look so scary” kid from Montana

Just read #TheGirlOnTheTrain in three days. It was a lot like #GoneGirl but it started slow and finished strong instead of the other way around like Gone Girl. Can’t wait for the movie

#Ecto-1 Need I say more

Why is the Double Cheeseburger so much better than the McDouble? Kent’s still right . . . It’s the Cheese!!! The Cheese!!!

So me and the boys are binge watching #QuantumLeap and in an episode that aired in 1990, Al tells Sam he was watching #SuperBowl Thirty in his present time of 1996, which was obviously “the future” to us viewers in 1990. He described it as a thrilling game, and mentioned that the #Steelers are down by three in the 4th quarter. So I looked up Super Bowl Thirty, which, remember, took place over 6 years later. It was a thrilling game. The Steelers were down by three with four minutes remaining in the 4th quarter . . . is anyone else scared?

Seriously, they randomly picked a future super bowl, guessed that the Steelers would be good, guessed that it’d be a good game, and guessed that they’d be trailing by three in the fourth quarter!


Is it blasphemous to say Golden Oreos are better than a regular #Oreo

#CountdownTo2012 #SaygusVSquared


#IHadADream I was roaming around with a cop who’s armed but when entering the Asian Mob area of town, he must disarm or the snipers will get him. Good thing he speaks Mandarin. I needed electricity to brew a cup of coffee with a portable coffee maker. So I went to the campground restroom. It was winter (so the restroom was “closed”)

*** We all hated him
*** Ivan Drago was not bad
*** He just did his job

#FirstWorldProblems #FWP

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