Wednesday, July 22, 2015


When I saw this sign . . . I could hear in my head that song from #DieHard when they opened the safe

Dusted off my copy of Volcano and watched it with the kids. Thought it was funny that they had to make #AnneHeche in her 20’s look like a sophisticated scientist so they gave her reading glasses because every 20-something I know needs reading glasses. I know, I know, I shouldn’t make fun of a film that tackled such tough issues as divorce and racism . . . and this:
What the heck, it’s youtube clip day I guess

How many different times in how many different movies can we see Bruce Wayne’s parents killed? #BatmanVSuperman

Me and the kids dug out the old #8Bit this weekend

You ask for miracles Theo I give you the FBI #DieHardOfTheWeek

I like pretending to shop at the produce section of the Kwik Shop so I can cool off. 110 heat index amiright

Saw McFarland, USA. It’s by far the best cross-country sports movie, I’ve probably ever seen.

#heathledger was probably the best ever, but he didn’t pull off the eddie haskell grin quite like #jaredleto

Trailer for #JoyMovie looks weird but also a heavy dose of #JLaw so sign me up

No caption necessary . . .

#CountdownTo2012 #Pluto


#IHadADream that my favorite store was going out of business so I kept waking up before my alarm (in real life) so I could go shopping before it closed for good.

*** Need to clear conscience
*** The penitent man will pass
*** Indy 3 was best

#FirstWorldProblems #FWP

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