Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No Humpday This Week

I heard one theory that people who work a lot with computers, particularly online imagery will see #TheDress as blue and black because they are used to seeing artificial colors and their brain compensates accordingly

What the . . .

On Saturday night, me and the kids were watching an epp of StarTrek on ch 13.2 because the Kentucky game wasn’t on. Then afterward they played some weird Frankenstein movie. The Baron looked like Grandma Tarkin.

Tee of the Week #Tow 

“You got to know when to quit” –Vince Lombardi

It’s been five years . . .

Got my copy of #Interstellar and #TheHobbit #BestDayEver

Two years ago, I was at watch party during the infamous leg break. I remarked that all the best coaches are Italian, Rick Patina, John Calamari, etc. Some jerk in the back row said, “what about shishefski?” He’s, of course the rear exception. Go Cats (so I can win the pool).

I showed #Interstellar to Lara last night. In the first 30 minutes, she correctly guessed the three major plot twists.

#FlashbackTo2012 I showed #DarkKnight Part 2 to Lara last night. In the first 30 minutes, she makes the following predictions:  Mol from Inception is the real bad guy, not Bane.  Joseph Gorgeous Levitt is Robin.  And Alfred will finally see Bruce at the CafĂ© at the end of the movie.  True story . . . except she referred to Robin as Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  pssh

Tyler had a dream that he was in a zombe apocalypse, in a big shopping mall being chased by zombies. He was stuck in a safe and secure department store but he had to leave to get food. But the outside of his store was loaded with zombies, so he moved with haste. He finally found another store that had food, but it was guarded by his old boss from Wichita, armed with a gun. His old boss would not let him in, so he ran some more, but his old boss shot him in the back of the head (for sport, I suppose), then he fell to the ground, still alive but that’s when he felt the second bullet strike his head while he was on the ground (thanks Keven). So Tyler died and went to heaven, where he started his own engineering firm and lived a very happy existence. It was heaven, after all. #IHadADream

*** Tragic love story
*** April, the forbidden girl
*** sad half-shelled heroes


#FirstWorldProblems #FWP

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