Wednesday, July 24, 2013

35 mm

El Ron Grubbard

I just saw Cloud Atlas.  The wachouski siblings are pure genous.  I’m not sure exactly what happened in the movie, but I think Tom hanks and Halley barry were reincarnated like 50 times in a row and they slowly fought and overcame evil through rippling generations, but I’m not sure…I will wait about five years and re-watch it “V for Vendetta Style”  then I will come to truly appreciate/hate it.  Loved it

Cabin in the woods was actually pretty good.  It was matrix meets evil dead II, but about ten tiers lower…which is still stratosphere.  Chris Helmsworth went out like a chump though L

Cow:  “I love pictures of bacon” - Lub

Got the soundtrack to Lay Mizz, now I can sing along in the car and it’s like I’m there with my friends Eponine, Javer, Cossette, Jean ValJean, Fantine, and Marious  in the French Revolution.  J  Viva Tour De France

Countdown to 2012: Hyperloop – Lub

Even though Battlefield earth is often held in such high status as such classics as Rocky-H and plan-9, as high as the bar was, it still over-delivered.  I had no idea it was going to be that bad.  It’s not even good-bad…it’s bad bad….actually it’s bad bad bad, just so to rule out any slim microposiblity that someone could interprate  bad bad as a double negative = positive.

Speaking of McNopoly 

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