Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hometown Hero


We had two good games this past weekend, both ultimately came down to a kickers foot (BTW: first time that ever happened).  Let’s hope that “The Big Game in February” has as much drama.  Go Manning and the giant killers!


We now live in a world where Jonah Hill is an academy award nominee.


Have you heard the short list for the Indy job?  It’s down to vest-guy from Ohio State and the coach of Montreal.


15 year opinion reversal:  “Crash” is better than “Under the Table…”.


Yes you read that correctly…Montreal, Canada.


Long Duck Dong is my favorite John Hughes character, save Ferris.  (This is a lie)


The prince is back in the central.


Sorry to throw gasoline on the fire, but I went to Kicks 66 last night and got a 2-pack of Twinkies for $1.59 and a 2-pack of Swiss Cake Rolls for $0.50.  I know what you’re thinking, but the caloric content is virtually identical. 


The superbowl is most watched in KC (per capita) than any other city.


Give me a break, there is no way that Rudy’s family called him Rudy.  Talk about blatant artistic license.  And that’s coming from a domer homer.

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