Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 Hurry. Feb 25

Everyone thinks of the Pats as world beaters, but let’s not forget that it has been almost a decade since they last won.  They are not unbeatable, and remember that the donx had a couple score lead on “the Bellicheck Bunch” a few weeks ago.   (Note:  Hilarious brady bunch joke reference, hahahahahaha)


Okey Pokes got 4 first place votes.  They should have gotten more.  Let’s be honest, Arkansas had the best offence in the SEC, and it would have been middle of the pack or bottom half in the big 12.  I’m not saying Bama is not the best team country, I’m just saying we have no idea whatsoever.  Why does arguably the best sport in the world have the worst post season system.  Jonah’s sunflower soccer league has a better system.


And don’t get me started on the strange overtime rules where they decide to quit playing real football and just run some scrimmage plays.  I would prefer the fundis mascot fight at the 50 yard line to decide it, although that brings new meaning to the phrase “don’t mess with Texas”.


Did you hear about the 3rd Grade teacher in Georgia who put “slaves picking cotton” and “slave beatings” in math problems.  Example:  “If the 8 slaves picked 56 pieces of cotton equally, how many pieces of cotton did each slave pick?”  or “If Fredrick receives 3 beatings per day, how many beatings does Fredrick receive every week?”   This is real, I’m not making this up.


Lowest rated BCS championship game of all time.  The orange bowl was the lowest rated BCS game of all time.  The BCS bowls were collectively down in the ratings except for the fiesta bowl which was up 40% from last year, hmmm.


As Tim “the toolman” Tebow hit an 80 yard bomb on the first play of overtime, almost 10,000 tweets per second sounded off.   Highest Tweet rate in history.


I understand  saving Andy Reid, but how did Norv Turner keep his job?  This is the same organization that I fired Marty after, I believe going 14-2.  Oh, and they let Sproles and Brees go to the saints where they only each led the NFL in yards this year.  Let’s not forget about the time they drafted Eli Manning and then Archie Manning says “Eli is not playing for you” and so they were like “pretty please” and then Archie was like “nope” and so they were like “we suck”.


As Tim “the toolman” Tebow hit an 80 yard bomb on the first play of overtime, the dude who scored the touchdown was thinking “Yes!!!  Now all we have to do is have our defense stop pittsburg from scoring a touchdown and then we win the game, yay!”

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