Wednesday, January 18, 2012



I can’t wait for this weekend’s games, all four teams are fun to get excited for.  Who needs Sproles, Jordy, or Tebow, when we got the lovable Harbough brothers, they are so friendly.  Then there is the Patriots, I love it when the same team wins every year.  And Let’s not forget Eli, finally showing that small market teams have a chance to win too!


Rumor has it:  Levvit in as D-Coordinator.


Yes Twinkies are king, but I say good riddance to ding dings and ha-hos, little debs SCRs are where it’s at.   I’m reminded of the time when I said to My Cousin Vinny:  “Vinny, aren’t you excited about the Cowboys doing good!”  and he was like “I hate the cowboys” and I was like “but they got the Tuna” and he was like “It was one thing to cheer for the patriots or jets when they had tuna, but I can’t cheer for the rival Cowboys”  and I was like “but they got Terrance Newman!”  and he said “Terrance Newman can die”


Apple’s 1987 “Knowledge Navigator” Video.  It’s a sort of look at the distant future.  Set in 2011, your mobile device is equipped with a personal assistant that retrieves data, sets appointments, sends messages, etc., all via simple voice command.  Odd that they would predict 2011, sort of a random year.  How did they know?


Each Christopher Nolan movie is better than the previous.  “so your saying that this is the best movie you have ever made….wow, that’s messed up!”:


--Batman part 1


--Batman 2



Check out   They make a compelling argument:  “let’s get rid of him!”

Wikipedia went dark today for 24 hours to protest “net newtrality”.  Check out google, they went half-dark…woosies.

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