Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Oh Thank Heaven

In Black Panther when they ask the audience if there are any challengers, I kept waiting for Tommy Davidson from Ace Ventura 2 to arrive inside’s someone’s backpack. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t.

Every time I watch the fugitive, I wonder how the main character got that scar on his chin.

Yes I was slain for the good of the universe by you know who.

The guy they picked to play Freddie Mercury looks more like Freddie Mercury than Freddie Mercury.

Jonah was asking me why Stairway to Heaven was so popular and I told him because the song really takes its time getting to the good part, sort of leaving you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. Then he replied, “Oh, sort of like the principle of cinematography first popularized by Stephen Spielberg whereby you increase the tension and suspense by never ‘showing them the shark’.” …. While the kid’s got a lot to learn and he wasn’t entirely correct in his analysis, I was never so proud.

The tom cruise running montage YouTube video is 18 minutes long.

I don’t lick 9-volt batteries because I don’t want to get the germs from the previous person that licked it.

Since we may not ever get a Friday Part 13, let’s go ahead and crown “Never Hike Alone” as the best in the 13-Volume franchise. Seriously, it’s good guys, check it out. It’s free. . . .Why are your still here?

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