Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Baby Steps

Constewshus say, after long time out of game, keep eye on pitch count on first appearance back on mound

Took me 10 years to admit to myself that budlight is better than miller lite.  30 years to admit that Empire better than Star Wars

Delorean time machines, flying freddy krugers, and my second favorite book of all time.  I'm all in.  #readyplayerone

Neil DeGrass Tyson was on Adam Carrolla. He said “cement” when he meant “concrete”. What an idiot!

Haha, it was a picture of a baby!    #runningman

Strangerthings part 2 doesn't look as good as the first one but sean astin martin and that authentic ghostbuster trap replica is enough for me

Me and leedog are camping out in September at Target to get an snes classic. Who’s with us? #ihatenintendo

#CountdownTo2012 I just ordered my eclipse glasses on #thinkgeek

#TeeOfTheWeek #Homecoming

#HaikuByStu #2049
***When Sean is pretty
***Beware of this sly Miss Young.
***Robot or man, man.

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