Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Water Guns Don't Wet People, People Wet People

No explanation necessary


Did you see #Supergirl take on two bank robbers with machine guns? I’m in love

The 13 year old in me wants to get excited about the Royals but the jaded adult part of me is just sad.

I heard #MadMax 4 was really good but they should have called it Mad #Charlize

Whenever I visit an office building I always take the stairs but not for health reasons. I like to pretend I’m in #DieHard

Gross, the extreme close-up of blister in #whiplash was almost as bad as #JaredLeto needle hole in Requiem.

One sip and you know why it’s called @Mangria

#StarWars Force Awakens is going to make more money than Avatitanic

#TheMaze 2 looks great.

#ChewieWereHome is going to be the next #KlaatuBaradaNikto ( #Lub if your under 90)

I’ve watched the #Supergirl trailer about 10 times . . . today

Hey #FreddiePrinceJr How you doin’? It was a crazy #SaturdayNight

You know a song’s good when you crank it so loud it makes your rear-view vibrate for the first time #NotYourFault #Awalnation

I guess we’re going to see a lot more two point conversions this year. Thanks #MartyMcFly #BTTF2015 #BTTF #2015

Wow. The #TrueDetective Season 2 trailer looks OTH. I better look into watching season 1.  *show teeth*

Leedog, check out what I won at work. Just in time for #JimmyBuffett

Every time you shuffle, you create a sequence of cards that has never existed . . . ever  #FactOfTheWeek

#CountdownTo2012 #SkyHorns

#TeeOfTheWeek #Tow

#IHadADream I fell asleep in the recliner and had a dream that I was attending a graduation party. All of the sudden a few dead people showed up, imagine the girl from The Ring or any character from 6th Sense (spoiler alert). The dead people wore cap and gown so they appeared normal out of the corner of one’s eye. Then all the super heroes from kick-ass appeared (as dead people of course). I realized it was a scary dream and I started freaking out, caught between two worlds, trying to escape the dead-people party but stuck half-awake, paralyzed on the recliner. Finally I was able to kick the end table and fully return to the safety of the recliner. The end table was overturned in the middle of the living room floor. I sat in the recliner, gasping for air when slowly a face slid into view next to mine, inches away. So close I could feel the musty, sulfury breath of the face . . . the face of a dead person. I screamed and awoke again, this time back in the real world (or so I think).

***Want to travel the world(s)?
***Join Plumber's Academy.
***Use your skills for good.

#FirstWorldProblems #FWP

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