Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Team Blue and Black

#RipSpock There are no other words

#CountdownTo2012 #ChinaAsmogalypse #Lub

You know the S is about to get R when you here a siren coming from a long distance, then all of the sudden when it’s outside your building, you here the “woop” sound.

Ahh, the often sought after, rare “no center link” can of #ViennaSausages

We had some good #DarkKnightRises snow today. I felt like starting a fist fight in the parking lot.

#TeamWeasel or #TeamWoodpecker #Lub

Hypothetical: Would it be ok to time travel to early 1900’s Germany to kill #TheDress when it’s a baby? You’d save millions of marriages.

Spring training, coming up . . . #Tow

#CountdownTo2012 I spent more time this weekend on twitter reading about #TheDress than all other previous twitter activities combined.

I watched #Bound for the first time. It started out like a movie you’d find after midnight on #Cinemax but the plot showed-up in the second half and it was great.

#CountdownTo2015 the year we finally get the 9-game #WorldSeries #GoRoyals

It’s been over ten years, I guess it’s about time to dust these off. ROK is still in the wrap. Haha. #LOTR

I need help, I can’t drop #TheDress

#IHadADream It started out like a movie where you see the last scene first, Citizen Cain style. The movie was narrated by me and it took place at the turn of the 19th Century within an actual state but near the country’s border . . . the frontier. I, as the narrorator stated “Here and now is how and when I die, killed by a World War I era German soldier.” (in the late 1800’s?)  He was trespassing on my land and he entered my barn where I was unarmed even though I reached for my waistband expecting to find a World War II era, German pistol . . . it wasn’t there, of course . . . so I died. So then in the next scene of the “movie”, we were moving onto the property around mid-year 1776. (You know like, early July . . . like, some date before the 5th  . . . of July . . . 1776)  So anyway, it had an old barn with a leaky roof, that we’d plan to fix . . . we never did. The farmhouse was very modern for 1776, it had all stainless steel kitchen appliances, including a top-and-bottom refrigerator with French doors.

#HaikuByStu Haiku by Bry
*** 4 plus 5 is 9
*** To get an outside line, 9
*** Yes or no is NEIN!

#FirstWorldProblems #FWP by Lara

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