Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Super Humpday

Hoverboards . . . it’s happening

Toyota Hydrogen . . . it’s happening

Holograms . . . it’s happening

It’s all happening

You can’t say “super” Humpday . . . you have to say “The big Humpday in January/February”

“Rare Double Haiku Edition” just didn't have the right ring to it

#AmericanSniper Highest grossing January movie opening weekend (by triple). Highest grossing rated-R opening weekend. And perhaps the foremost accolade, Stew saw it.

First time ever, New York Subway closes in anticipation snow, 5 inches of snow. #snowpocalypse


Guys let’s cut Tom Brady some slack regarding #deflategate, if he says he can’t feel the difference between a regulation ball and a ball that’s three times the allowable variance than gosh darn it I believe him. The football is a minor part of that game.

Have you seen the pic with “Every Man a Wildcat” in the background? #kstateMLKweek #EMAW

I know I’ve said it before, but it can’t be a coincidence that the two most prominent objects of my affection from childhood, both have the same birthday. #TiffaniAmberThiessen #RichardDeanAnderson . . . one much more than the other (of course).

I know what you’re thinking . . . “Stew, the Happening is nothing to joke about” and you’re right. Very serious

One conspiracy theory is #deflategate was made up to bring more attention to the #superbowl but come on, it’s the biggest media event of the year and practically a national holiday, it doesn’t need extra exposure. So why then, did the #NFL fabricate this scandal? Because now stew is talking about air pressure in footballs instead of #RayRice and #Concussions

Too many pictures this week . . . oh well. Here’s my 6:00 AM breakfast and drink for $2.  #FiftyCentCorndogDay


#IHadADream Bob, Alex, David, Brian, Jason and I went to Terry’s house while he was out of town on vacation. We broke into his garage and watered his vegetable garden for him. We made coffee while we were there, none of us drank it. The field in his backyard was flooded and people were in canoes trying to rescue the cattle.

#HaikuByStu (Rare Double Haiku Edition)
*** My 8-Bit Regret:
*** I had but one life to give,
*** passed up green mushroom


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