Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The Terror of Blackfish

OK Prayers.

K-State Scores 1 run in 9 innings… wait….that’s the other way around.

Cow: “There’s a cow.  There’s another cow…..actually I think that was the same one” – Lub

Miami on pace to be the worst team ever….they better get their sh%$ together, they’re playing in the series in two short years.

Dang, does anybody look better in a suit than the current James Bond.

My dad used to watch Monday night football while filling up dozens of Dixie cups with sherbert….for later snacking convenience.

I think Skyfall is the best Bond movie of all time.  Javier Bordem basically was the same character from No Country.  But a “same old, same old” performance by JB is like the saying goes about “a bad day on the golf course….”

Countdown to 2012: Death toll from Africanized killer bees rises

Skyfall is easily one of the top two or three thousand movies of all time.

Flashback to 2009:  At the grocery store looking for Crescent Rolls….Stew: ”Only two good things ever came out of France.  Croissants and…”   Lara: “Ahh jous?”   Stew:  “OK, three things:  Croissants, ahh jous and Jean Luc”

Countdown to 2012:  This! 

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