Wednesday, February 13, 2013

13.07 - One Day Early

It's a blast


The first German Pope in 1000 years will likely be the first pope to retire in 600.

When you lose 46 out of the last 49 times that you play somebody, you can’t really make fun of their loss a week earlier that was the biggest RPI upset in history.

Countdown to 2012:  Solar Superstorm coming.

Classy Cutler:  He proposed via text message and then mailed the ring.

Did you hear about the guy who parked in a regular spot, and the city crews came and painted the spot handicapped and then the meter maid came by had his car towed.

Did we say “king richard’s bones”, what we meant to say was “keith richard’s bones”.

Amish beard-cutter update:  Life in Prison

Die Hard

Cow:  “This is the worst Jayhawk team since the Dr. Naismith team that lost to the Topeka YMCA.” –Bill Self

Its official, soccer is professional wrestling

Countdown to 2012:  Valentine’s Day Meteor caused by Global Warming.

I think Black Crown is my new favorite beer.

Did you hear about the classy Cameran Crazies chanting “How’s your Grandma?” to the kid shooting free throws whos grandma died just days prior.

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