Sunday, February 27, 2022

Sam Hadn't Yet Noticed the Blonde

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The Hills Be Shaken

Sam hadn’t yet noticed the blonde. The cute blonde. Out for a run with her bare arms and legs clad in beads of sweat. Although sweat is not the right word for the sparkling bits of perspiration that adorn this pretty girl, or any girl. It can be endearing, like the glow of a pregnant woman but more so, sexier. If it’s the right girl. Like the one across the street growing up. The confident girl that could always beat the neighborhood boys playing knockout in the driveway. The one the boys secretly liked.

It was the start of a hot Fourth of July. Despite the sticky morning, the park was thronged with patriotic Americans enjoying a day off.

The other joggers had to stop and back away from the concrete path as the blonde approached. She had a look about her, gorgeous. She also had a semi-automatic handgun on her belt and an AR-15 rifle slung over her shoulder.

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